Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ahh yes, the glory of summer break!





     Cherry cola floats, late night movie marathons, wearing socks in the pool, and other summer break musings. Once the excitement of the first day of school wears off we wait anxiously for winter break, only to have most of the days taken up by shopping and relative visits. Then it’s back to school where we have to drag our feet through the sludge of testing and finals, as we wait anxiously for that spring break release bell. But spring break is only a teaser. You just start getting into the habit of staying up late to watch everything you missed during the school year because it was on too late, and boom you have to head back to school for the final quarter. The big daddy of breaks looms ahead and as the weather warms and bathing suit racks reappear in stores you can feel it, summer break is near.
     Instead of clearing the dinner dishes so you can sit down and do homework, you find yourself sitting outside with friends, watching the sun go down, and sipping cherry cola floats through one of those convenient bendy straws. Instead of spending an hour before bed trying to pick out your school outfit, (something that won’t make you feel fat or stand out like you were trying too hard) you throw on ripped shorts, your most comfy t-shirt and settle down to a classic horror movie marathon, and if you’re real lucky a cute guy is sitting there with you to comfort you during the terrifying parts. And instead of breaking in a new pair of school shoes, that looked awesome online, but feel much less awesome on your feet after a long day, you slip on some socks and jump into the pool for the tenth time. --Oh and the socks are to avoid bloody toes from spending too much time in the pool, a clever little idea my sister and I came up with when we were ten and our toes had spent too much time in the water. Ahh yes, the glory of summer break . . . it’s what we teachers live for. 

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  1. Bloody toes from being in a pool too long? Never heard of that! Or cherry cola floats unfortunately...

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