Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Release Ebook Giveaway

I am giving away 15 free copies of my new adult contemporary, Paradise (Girl Friday, #1), written under the name Rachel Blake.
Just send me an email at and let me know whether you would like a Nook or Kindle gift of the book, first 15 replies will receive a copy.
The book contains mature content so 18+ only please.

Book Description

Paradise is book #1 of Rachel Blake's 'Girl Friday' Series. It is a 50,000 word contemporary romance.
*Warning: contains sexual content*

A deceitful trick by a coworker slash lover leaves Jayden Clark looking for a new job and vowing to never again engage in a relationship with a workmate. Of course her promise never mentioned a boss.

When Jayden accepts the position of girl Friday for Regent Realty, she knows she is overqualified, but a month in Tahiti, and Nick Regent, the six-foot-four, incredibly appealing owner of the company, make the job too tempting to pass up.

She flies to the island, knowing full well that she is at risk of losing her heart, but never could she have predicted the danger she would face in paradise.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Distraction (Years from Home Trilogy, #1)

I'm proud to reveal the cover for book #1, Distraction, of my upcoming Years from Home Trilogy. 

Story Blurb:

As false accusations of witchcraft consume Salem Village, eighteen-year-old Poppy Seabrooke, a true witch, is content to stay away from the hysteria and more importantly from the relentless advances of Angus Wolfe, a powerful warlock masquerading as Salem’s pastor. When Poppy uses her magic to help a young boy, she is arrested. Angus is the only person who can help her, but, in return, she must promise her hand in marriage. In desperation, Poppy’s grandmother sends her two hundred years into the future to hide. Poppy finds herself years from home in the middle of a strange place called Montana where rooms light up without candles or sorcery, steam puffing dragons roar across fields on tracks, and cows sprout horns as long as tree trunks. And while Poppy hides from the man who turns her heart cold as ice, she discovers the man who can set it on fire.

Cade Tanner has always lived fast and hard, and he prefers it that way. The last thing he needs is a girl to distract him from running the cattle ranch his father left him. But Poppy, the sweetly innocent beauty with the soft smile and dark eyes, who seemingly fell from the sky, is tough to ignore. But Cade soon finds that falling for Poppy comes with a dangerous price.

 Add Distraction to your shelf on Goodreads and look for the January 2013 release!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Book Sale!

For the month of December all of the Tess Oliver catalog will be on sale for $.99 
on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble!

This is the perfect time to stock up on some books for your winter reading :)

Also, keep an eye out for the cover reveal and subsequent release of my newest book. It is book #1 of my new Years from Home Trilogy
More to come soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Angel Beach & Cowboy Dark

Hello everyone!
There is now another Goodreads giveaway for Angel Beach and Cowboy Dark. Enter today to win a signed paperback!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Paperback Giveaway

I have just received a shipment of paperback books, and I'm going to be hosting Goodreads giveaways of each of them in this next month, so keep your eyes out for them!

I am going to be giving away a paperback copy of my young adult titles:
Cowboy Dark 
Angel Beach
Home is Where the Heartbreak is
A Little Less Girl 
Heart of the Huntress
Bitterroot Crossing 
Safe Landing
I'm also going be be giving away a copy of my new adult gothic romance, Bittersweet Obsession. 

This week the giveaways for Home is Where the Heartbreak is and Bittersweet Obsession have been posted.

Visit these links or click the entry widgets on the side bar to enter today!
The winners for each of these books will be selected on December 1st.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Print books are here!

I'm excited to announce that the softcover books are now available for:
Cowboy Dark, Angel Beach, Home is Where the Heartbreak is, and Bittersweet Obsession.

Getting print proofs is so much fun! I will be hosting some giveaways of the paperbacks in the next week so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can grab a free copy of Bittersweet Obsession on Kindle today. My middle grade title The Mortal Enemy List is also on a free promotion with Amazon today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kindle Ebook Giveaway

In celebration of the release of my first adult romance, I am going to give away 5 free copies to readers. It's simple, just be one of the first five to comment on this post or send me an email:, and I will send you a kindle gift copy!
Keep in mind this book does contain adult content, so 18+ only please!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Adult Romance

    I’ve been working for some time on several adult romances and I’ve just published the
first book in a series of adult gothic romances called the Bittersweet Gothic Romance collection.
Each book will be set in the nineteenth century and will be based loosely on a horror classic.
The first book, Bittersweet Obsession, is set in the regency period and has a Frankenstein edge
to it. Because these stories are adult romances with adult content I’m publishing them under a
completely different pen name, Rachel Blake. Check out the cover! I have to say this one was
really fun to write.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trilogy in the works!

Trying the trilogy. It’s not that I have anything against trilogies. I’ve just never written a story that seemed involved enough to be three books long. I’m sort of a meet ‘em, fall head-over-heels, end it with an epic kiss kind of author . . . and reader. Now that I’m back in my classroom and my writing time is limited, I have to plan and set goals for my next project. I have several starts and some great suggestions from readers for possible sequels to existing books - but I’ve decided to focus my time and energy on a story idea I began several years ago. And I’m going the trilogy route. It’s my first endeavor at such a lengthy piece and I’m excited and apprehensive and questioning my sanity but I’m going for it because I love a challenge-- especially when it involves a feisty heroine, a slightly-tortured hunk and an epic kiss. But I guess with a trilogy there will have to be at least three epic kisses!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

For the Love of Horses

St. George the Dragon Slayer
(aka Georgie Porgie)
Hangin' in our backyard
The horse lover’s gene. In college one of my favorite classes was genetics, and something I’ve always pondered is whether or not certain obsessions were genetically predetermined. If so then I was born with a gene that made me horse crazy. I grew up with two sisters and a brother and we all had different likes and dislikes. My oldest sister liked cars, my brother was into surfing and my middle sister was a book worm. But for me it was horses. And it wasn’t just a simple fondness for horses, I was obsessed with them. I only read books about horses. My room was filled with Breyer horses, stuffed animal horses, glass horses and anything else that resembled a horse. My poor father struggled with the guilt and parental disappointment of never being able to buy me horse. He would always tell me-- I can buy you the horse, I just can’t afford to keep one. Unfortunately our small suburban backyard was not big enough or legally zoned for a horse so I could only dream about owning one. I never took lessons because my mother worried riding horses was too dangerous, so I had to settle for my books and toys. Then when I was a mom and my daughter Nikki was eight, I talked her into taking riding lessons with me. She was not horse obsessed like her crazy mom, but she liked the idea of learning to ride. And she turned out to be a natural. I, on the other hand, was far from it. But it didn’t stop me from eventually buying a horse for myself. In fact, after awhile we had four of them and we even moved to an area that allowed horses so they could live with us. (My husband is wonderful). I’ll never forget the day I called my dad to tell him I’d finally bought a horse. He just laughed and laughed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home is Where the Heartbreak is

Book #3 in my Summer Romance Collection, Home is Where the Heartbreak is, will be released the first week of August 2012.

Check out the cover! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chihuahuas are definitely not ergonomic

Chihuahuas are definitely not ergonomic. I am someone who feels off kilter if I’m sitting and I don’t have an animal in my lap. Whether it’s a dog, a cat or, in my case, when I’m outside, a goat (which is fine except Janie occasionally leaves a hoof print on my thigh), I’m most content when I have a critter in my lap. But this summer while I’m taking advantage of the down time between school years to write, I’ve discovered I can’t slide my keyboard shelf out if Wally, my Chihuahua, is on my lap. Now, I could always push him off my lap, but since he’s already suffering from a Napoleon complex, I don’t want to damage his self-confidence. Instead I push my chair back so there’s room for Wally and my keyboard, and I arch over my lap to type. Needless to say it is a slow and not terribly convenient way to type 70,000 words, and I’ll probably have major back troubles. But at least my little Wally will feel good about himself. I’m just glad Janie is not an inside animal.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Introducing T.K. Twist

     For several years, I’ve had a few middle grade books hiding on my hard drive. Being a teacher, I’m always trying to devise plans that will get kids interested in books-- especially boys. So I decided to write a few based on what I’ve learned about the likes and dislikes of my students. They love humor, they love gross, and they love scary. 
     My wonderful literary agent, Rebecca Friedman, is currently trying to sell one of my middle grade stories but in the meantime I had the pleasure of placing one of my middle grade short stories in an anthology with nine other terrific authors, including MJA Ware, the architect of the project. All profits from the anthology will go to the Children’s Literacy Initiative. 
     The whole thing has prompted me to publish one of the other middle grade novels I had hiding in my computer, The Mortal Enemy List. My middle grade books will be written under the penname T.K. Twist.  

The Mortal Enemy List Blurb:

Quinn Stevens has four entries on his mortal enemy list. Luke, his oldest brother is number four, but he wasn’t always on the list. Trini Dawson is number three because beneath her perky blonde ponytail, she’s pure evil. Number two is Sam Parker because he was dead and blue when Quinn discovered him floating near the rocks on the beach. The ocean holds the number one spot because without the ocean Sam Parker wouldn’t have been dead, Quinn would still be a surfer, and he wouldn’t have to worry about things like stepping on cracks and keeping his colored pencils in order.

When spirited Bronte Stratton, a girl with an unusual past and a penchant for adventure, moves in four houses down, Quinn finds an instant friend and ally, an ally with a virtual revenge computer program. But it is not long before Quinn discovers that sometimes revenge can be more terrifying than sweet.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Shot Through the Heart, Author Interview

Book title:  Shot Through the Heart
Author:  Niki Burnham
Short Blurb:  Two guys, two girls, two thousand dollars, and one epic water gun battle.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
I've loved to write since I was old enough to hold a pen. However, I didn't think "real" people became authors, so I made a detour through law school before writing my first book. I figured that if you love to read, love to write, and can see both sides of any story, the law was a good career.  

Why do you Indie publish?
I love the flexibility.  For me, the best path is a hybrid one--some traditionally-published projects, some independent projects. Shot Through the Heart is my first independent title, but I've published twelve other books with New York publishers. I plan to continue doing both.

What inspired you to write your book?
I've toyed with the idea of writing about off-limits relationships for years--dating a friend's ex, dating a friend's potential crush, dating a best friend's sibling--and had a partial outline for a story that touched on those types of tricky situations. When I saw articles about local high school's senior year water gun tournaments, I knew I'd hit on a great framework for exploring those relationships in a humorous way. Having characters fire on each other made for fun writing.

What are three things you want people to know about you or your book?
1)  Reading is my passion. I still spend more time reading than I do writing.
2)  Shot Through the Heart is available in both e-book and paperback formats.
3)  I have excerpts of all my books at my website,  There are also writing tips, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and an e-newsletter signup for readers who want to be notified of upcoming releases.

What advice do you have for parents to encourage their kids to read more?
If your kids don't like to read, it's quite possible they haven't hit upon the right books. When I was a kid, I loved adventure--Hardy Boys, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Trixie Belden and anything about Joan of Arc were guaranteed hits with me, even if those weren't the books topping current bestseller lists. Do your kids relish a puzzle to solve? An adventure? A laugh? A romance? A look into a life vastly different than their own? Are they history nuts? Look to the books that speak to their interests. Then, once you find one or two books they enjoy, look for other books by the same author.  Look at online bookstores to see what else people who bought that book purchased or what other titles they recommend--it's a great way to expand their reading tastes. Finally, don't hesitate to ask local booksellers or librarians what they recommend based on your child's particular tastes. You might find some real gems.

Just as important as finding the right books, however, is setting the right example. Most kids I know who love to read have parents who read on a regular basis.  They see that their parents don't spend all their free time playing computer games or watching TV, but keep reading high on their list of entertainment choices. When parents cherish reading time and treat it as a reward, kids usually will, too.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make sure to visit Paranormal Book Beat today for your chance to win a copy of Camille.
The giveaway winners will be chosen on July 4th, and entering is as easy leaving a simple comment!

Ami Blackwelder Interview

Book title: She speaks to Angels
Author: Ami Blackwelder
Short Blurb: When Ali Maney discovers a world of angels and demons, her own world flips upside down. Join Ali at Millennium high for the romantic adventure. 

When did you know you wanted to be an author? Since birth...LOL

Why do you Indie publish? Love the independence and freedom.

What inspired you to write your book? Love angels and mysteries and wanted to combine them. 

What are three things you want people to know about you or your book? Like all authors, I work my butt off. A job-teaching, a passion-writing  and neither is ever complete. My books all tell stories of romantic suspense and usually comment on social issues. 

What advice do you have for parents to encourage their kids to read more? Buy them books they like. Take them to the book store. Read to them. Read yourself. Children mimic what adults do. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interview with "The Boyfriend Thief" Author!

Book title: The Boyfriend Thief
Author: Shana Norris
Short Blurb: Avery has her life planned out: this summer she'll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica, next year she'll graduate at the top of her class. The only problem: getting the rest of the money she needs for the trip before the deadline. Hannah, her biggest competition for valedictorian, makes an offer: If Avery can make Zac break up with Hannah, a check for five hundred dollars is hers. But within Zac's chaotic world of midnight slushie runs and spontaneous dance parties, Avery's total order is quickly falling apart while Hannah seems poised to get everything she wants. Just how much is Avery willing to give up for the perfect, planned life?
Book link:

When did you know you wanted to be an author? I've been making up stories ever since I was a little kid, but it wasn't until I was around age 11 that I realized authors were just normal people who loved to write like I did. So from that point on, I decided that I wanted to become an author one day.

Why do you Indie publish? I love being able to get something new out to readers on my own schedule and connect with new readers online.

What inspired you to write your book? The Boyfriend Thief is one of those "book of my heart" stories. I had worked on it for years, and it started from my need to explore feelings of isolation and having to grow up really fast. I moved away from my parents during my senior year of high school, 700 miles away, and a lot of the feelings of loneliness that Avery has in the book came from my own experiences. I also wanted to write about the complexities of relationships within family and friends, and what draws people to each other or pushes them apart.

What are three things you want people to know about you or your book?
#1: I really did work at a locksmith shop for a while, just like Zac does in the book.
#2: I have never dressed up as a giant hot dog (thank goodness!).
#3: Avery's best friend Molly was originally a character in my first published book, Something to Blog About, although she was eventually cut out of it. Then she went through a big makeover when she reappeared in this book.

What advice do you have for parents to encourage their kids to read more? Find books on subjects that your kids already enjoy. A lot of times a kid might say they hate to read just because their only experience with reading is the things they have to read for school, which don't always interest them. If your kid likes aliens, find books about aliens. If they like horses, find series about kids who ride horses. Start with shorter books on things they already like, and then let them gradually move on from there at their own pace.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Join us for the 2nd annual Kindle INDIEpendence Day giveaway!

Grand Prize: 1 Kindle Fire
1st place: 1 Kindle with special offers
2nd place:
a choice of 20 free ebooks from the 29 participating authors

3rd place:
 a choice of 15 free ebooks from the participating authors

There are tons of ways to enter including tweeting about the contest, following the authors on facebook or Twitter, blogging about the contest and even purchasing the participating books. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!
This is also a blog hop. Be sure to visit the other blogs on the list and learn more about Indie authors of YA and MG novels. You can add your blog and get extra entry points as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ahh yes, the glory of summer break!





     Cherry cola floats, late night movie marathons, wearing socks in the pool, and other summer break musings. Once the excitement of the first day of school wears off we wait anxiously for winter break, only to have most of the days taken up by shopping and relative visits. Then it’s back to school where we have to drag our feet through the sludge of testing and finals, as we wait anxiously for that spring break release bell. But spring break is only a teaser. You just start getting into the habit of staying up late to watch everything you missed during the school year because it was on too late, and boom you have to head back to school for the final quarter. The big daddy of breaks looms ahead and as the weather warms and bathing suit racks reappear in stores you can feel it, summer break is near.
     Instead of clearing the dinner dishes so you can sit down and do homework, you find yourself sitting outside with friends, watching the sun go down, and sipping cherry cola floats through one of those convenient bendy straws. Instead of spending an hour before bed trying to pick out your school outfit, (something that won’t make you feel fat or stand out like you were trying too hard) you throw on ripped shorts, your most comfy t-shirt and settle down to a classic horror movie marathon, and if you’re real lucky a cute guy is sitting there with you to comfort you during the terrifying parts. And instead of breaking in a new pair of school shoes, that looked awesome online, but feel much less awesome on your feet after a long day, you slip on some socks and jump into the pool for the tenth time. --Oh and the socks are to avoid bloody toes from spending too much time in the pool, a clever little idea my sister and I came up with when we were ten and our toes had spent too much time in the water. Ahh yes, the glory of summer break . . . it’s what we teachers live for.