Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trilogy in the works!

Trying the trilogy. It’s not that I have anything against trilogies. I’ve just never written a story that seemed involved enough to be three books long. I’m sort of a meet ‘em, fall head-over-heels, end it with an epic kiss kind of author . . . and reader. Now that I’m back in my classroom and my writing time is limited, I have to plan and set goals for my next project. I have several starts and some great suggestions from readers for possible sequels to existing books - but I’ve decided to focus my time and energy on a story idea I began several years ago. And I’m going the trilogy route. It’s my first endeavor at such a lengthy piece and I’m excited and apprehensive and questioning my sanity but I’m going for it because I love a challenge-- especially when it involves a feisty heroine, a slightly-tortured hunk and an epic kiss. But I guess with a trilogy there will have to be at least three epic kisses!

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