Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Introducing T.K. Twist

     For several years, I’ve had a few middle grade books hiding on my hard drive. Being a teacher, I’m always trying to devise plans that will get kids interested in books-- especially boys. So I decided to write a few based on what I’ve learned about the likes and dislikes of my students. They love humor, they love gross, and they love scary. 
     My wonderful literary agent, Rebecca Friedman, is currently trying to sell one of my middle grade stories but in the meantime I had the pleasure of placing one of my middle grade short stories in an anthology with nine other terrific authors, including MJA Ware, the architect of the project. All profits from the anthology will go to the Children’s Literacy Initiative. 
     The whole thing has prompted me to publish one of the other middle grade novels I had hiding in my computer, The Mortal Enemy List. My middle grade books will be written under the penname T.K. Twist.  

The Mortal Enemy List Blurb:

Quinn Stevens has four entries on his mortal enemy list. Luke, his oldest brother is number four, but he wasn’t always on the list. Trini Dawson is number three because beneath her perky blonde ponytail, she’s pure evil. Number two is Sam Parker because he was dead and blue when Quinn discovered him floating near the rocks on the beach. The ocean holds the number one spot because without the ocean Sam Parker wouldn’t have been dead, Quinn would still be a surfer, and he wouldn’t have to worry about things like stepping on cracks and keeping his colored pencils in order.

When spirited Bronte Stratton, a girl with an unusual past and a penchant for adventure, moves in four houses down, Quinn finds an instant friend and ally, an ally with a virtual revenge computer program. But it is not long before Quinn discovers that sometimes revenge can be more terrifying than sweet.

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