Friday, July 13, 2012

Chihuahuas are definitely not ergonomic

Chihuahuas are definitely not ergonomic. I am someone who feels off kilter if I’m sitting and I don’t have an animal in my lap. Whether it’s a dog, a cat or, in my case, when I’m outside, a goat (which is fine except Janie occasionally leaves a hoof print on my thigh), I’m most content when I have a critter in my lap. But this summer while I’m taking advantage of the down time between school years to write, I’ve discovered I can’t slide my keyboard shelf out if Wally, my Chihuahua, is on my lap. Now, I could always push him off my lap, but since he’s already suffering from a Napoleon complex, I don’t want to damage his self-confidence. Instead I push my chair back so there’s room for Wally and my keyboard, and I arch over my lap to type. Needless to say it is a slow and not terribly convenient way to type 70,000 words, and I’ll probably have major back troubles. But at least my little Wally will feel good about himself. I’m just glad Janie is not an inside animal.

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