Friday, January 4, 2013

The Newest Member of the Family

This is Sophie, also known in intimate circles as Sophie Bear, Sophie Bean and Man Hands (after the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was dating the pretty girl with large manly hands) Only for Sophie it should technically be Man Paws. Sophie is the fifth and, as I've assured both my husband and the family cat, final member of our doggie pack. I was heading into the local feed store to buy hay for my goats and a pen filled with rescued dogs sat at the front of the store. I stopped at the pen to say hello and give them all words of encouragement while reminding myself that I already had four dogs and that five would be crazy and that the husband would have me committed when Sophie crawled out from under a dog house in the pen. Talk about knowing how to make a dramatic entrance. She walked straight up to the front of the cage and stared up at me with those intelligent brown eyes that seemed to be saying “It’s about time you got here.” I thought ‘well maybe five wouldn't be too crazy’.

The phone call for breaking the news to my husband was short - “Honey, before I tell you this, just remember how much you love me.” “Woman, did you bring home another dog?” “Sort of.” “We don’t need another dog.” “Nope, but she needed us.” End of conversation.

I’m happy to say that Sophie has made a wonderful transition into the family. She has discovered that she is a perfect fit for the crook of my knees when we are all tucked in bed at night.
One day my husband reminded me that “you can’t save them all.”
And, of course, he’s right. But I’m giving it one hell of a try.

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