Sunday, June 23, 2013

Destined Cover Reveal!

Here it is! 
I'm excited to reveal the cover for book #3 of the Years from Home trilogy, Destined.
I am expecting to release the book by next weekend. What do you think of the cover? :)

Book Description:

All Poppy Seabrooke wants is to marry the man she loves, Cade Tanner, but she has unwittingly signed a blood pact promising herself in marriage to Angus Wolfe, a powerful warlock. And in the witch’s realm, the pact is unbreakable. Now unless the past can be changed, happiness is forever out of her reach.

Cade Tanner would follow Poppy Seabrooke to hell and everywhere in between if it meant she’d be his forever. When Poppy’s powerful aunt and grandmother devise a scheme to break the pact with Angus, Cade and Poppy are transported back to fifteenth century England.  But Cade soon finds that Angus Wolfe isn’t the last of his troubles.

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