Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cover Dilemma

My daughter, Nikki, who is my editor, book formatter, and cover designer made a gorgeous cover for my new book, Freefall. The story has to do with a picture of a pinup girl that the hero keeps in his wallet. It is a big part of the story, along with vintage cars and tattoos. Nikki came up with the concept for the cover, and I loved it. It was definitely different than any cover I’d seen, and it fit the story perfectly. Unfortunately, the cover seemed to give people the impression that the story takes place in the 1940’s. It is definitely a contemporary, and so we decided to replace the cover with an image that fit the story but that looked contemporary. Most people who read my books know that I write historical stories along with contemporary. I love historical stories. In fact most of the books I read are historical. But Freefall is contemporary, and I don’t want to confuse readers. 

Here is the new cover:

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