Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Newest Obsession

My newest obsession-- The Paradise from BBC. Admittedly many of my obsessions come from BBC-- like North and South and the Toby Stephens version of Jane Eyre and Under the Greenwood Tree. In fact I become easily obsessed with any movie or book set in 19th century Europe-- hence my newest obsession -- The Paradise. Sadly, over here in America, we can’t see season 2 yet and I’m dying to watch it. And so I’m asking my friends across the pond-- how was season 2? Was it as awesome as season 1? Is Moray still “utterly adorable”?


  1. Season 2 just finished a few weeks ago, it was fab but lots of ups and downs along the way.....don't want to give too much away. Catherine remains quite poisonous as does another new evil figure (evil laugh). I don't think there will be another series :-(

  2. North and South is my absolute favourite, no one does it like the BBC.